Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I need to be 18+ to use Aircash?
    No, anyone can use Aircash.
  2. How to create profile?
    Easy. In only 3 steps.

    1. Add your name, cell phone number and ID number
    2. Choose a PIN number to protect your app
    3. Start sending or receiving money
  3. Why do I need to enter my ID number?
    You need to enter it so you could always have an access to your transactions, even if you change your phone or phone number.
  4. How to deposit and withdraw money?
    Just show a barcode from your smartphone screen to the cashier. After it is scanned, you can make a cash deposit or withdrawal. The process lasts several seconds. You can always find your barcodes inside the app under „transactions“, and you will be prompted about received transaction with notification on your phone.
  5. Which location to choose when creating a profile?
    Select location according to your personal number (choose Croatia if you have OIB, Bosnia and Herzegovina if you have a JMB …). Location is not the country you live in.
  6. Is it possible to send money with credit/debit card?
    Yes! When creating a transaction, you can choose a card as a payment method. Paying by card is quick and easy, and you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to send money.
  7. From where can I send money by credit/debit card?
    You can send money from any country in the world. All you need is a valid credit / debit card, cell phone number and Croatian OIB. Cash withdrawals can be made at all Ina retail places in Croatia.
  8. Do I have to enter credit/debit card information every time I make payment?
    No, after you type the card information inside the application for the first time they remain saved so that you do not have to re-enter them each time. You can see all your saved cards in the menu bar “Moje kartice”.
  9. What are the min and max amounts of cash deposit/withdrawal?
    The smallest amount is 10HRK and the highest amount is 2000HRK.
  10. I changed my phone/phone number, what should I do?
    Just deactivate the app on the old phone. Install an app on the new phone and create your profile.  If you do not have an access to your old phone/number, just notify Aircash support and we will deactivate your account.
  11. What if I do not receive SMS code for phone confirmation in 10 minutes?
    Try to request it again through Aircash app. If you still do not get the code, call Aircash support on our phone numbers: +38514573537 or +38514573538 or send us an e-mail: and notify us about it, after which we will send you your SMS code.
  12. How do you charge fees?
    Fees are charged only when depositing money. More on fees at:
  13. Where can I deposit or withdraw money?
    For now you can do it on more than 430 Ina retail places in Croatia.
  14. Can I send or receive money to/from abroad?
    Money can be sent from abroad using a credit/debit card but withdrawal is possible only in Croatia.
  15. How can I deposit money on partner accounts (Hrvatska Lutrija, SuperSport)?
    Go to “Uplata” and select a partner (Hrvatska Lutrija or SuperSport), enter the amount you want to deposit and the recipient (OIB or user name of the player). You can deposit money by cash on Ina retail places or by credit/debit card and the funds are immediately visible on your account after your payment.
  16. Where can I get more info about Aircash?
    Follow us on our website: or Facebook page
  17. Do i need to send a image of my credit/debit card to Aircash?
    You do not need to send image of your credit/debit cards to Aircash! Payments are done exclusively through the application and the information entered in the application is secure. Aircash customer support will never ask you to send them your card images. Be careful to whom you are sending your personal informations. Also, Aircash customer support responds exclusively from the official email addresses.
  18. Can i revoke Aircash transaction?
    Transaction cancelation request can only be filed by the recipient of the transaction by submitting the request to the mail: The request must include a print screen (picture) of the withdrawal barcode. In the event of a non-withdrawal of the transaction by the recipient within 30 days, the transaction is automatically revoked and returned to the recipient who has an additional 30-day deadline to withdraw money. In case of payments from partner accounts (SuperSport, Hrvatska lutrija) transactions can not be revoked and must be withdrawed in a time period of 30 days.


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