How aircash works?

First steps in aircash app

You don’t know how to use the aircash app? Don’t worry, follow our guide and learn how to use the aircash. aircash is a simple, fast and secure application that is used to send and receive money through partner’s sales points. You can download the application for free from Google Play and App Store



After installing the application, you need to create a profile:

  1. Enter your information. If you have a foreign number, choose the state icon to change the country code
  2. Choose PIN and then enter the code you received
  3. Your app is ready to send and receive money.



All you need to do is enter the Pošalji novac, write in the amount and phone number of receiver. Then choose the way of paying. You can pay by cash or with card. At that point you press “Plati”

If you choose to pay with cash, you will get a barcode. Show the barcode to the cashier, who scans it. Just deposit money.

If you decide to pay with card, choose Nova kartica and the new screen will open. There you enter all the details needed about the card. After that click “Spremi i plati”. Your payment will be done and barcode on the receiver’s mobile phone.

At the next card payment, you will not need to re-enter card data because your card will be saved within the app.

The process of sending money takes only a few seconds.

When making payments to aircash partners, enter the „Uplata“, select partner, then enter the amount you want to pay and phone number of the recipient (oib or the username of the account you want to make the payment to), choose the payment method and make a payment.



You receive a notification on your mobile phone that you have received a money. When you open a notification you see the barcode. Show that barcode to the cashier who scans it. You withdraw the money immediately.

When making a withdrawal from a partner’s service on their website, you should choose aircash as a withdrawal method, and you will get a barcode on your mobile phone with which you can withdraw your money the same way as if someone else has sent you transaction.

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