How aircash works?

You have not yet met Aircash app and you do not know how to use it? No problem, we have taken care of it and you can just follow our user guide through Aircash app.

Aircash is a simple, fast and secure application which main purposes are to send and receive money, deposits to and withdrawals from partner’s user accounts, and to purchase and top up telecom vouchers with credit / debit cards ONLY IN ONE CLICK or by cash at all Ina gas stations!


After installing the application, you need to create an Aircash profile:

  1. Enter your details. If you do not have Croatia phone number, select the state icon to change the country code.
  2. Select your PIN and then enter the received SMS code.
  3. Your application is ready to use.


When choosing the payment method, select NOVA KARTICA and enter the required information for the first time, and your card will be saved for future ONE CLICK use:

  • card type (Maestro, Visa or Mastercard)
  • card number (located on the front of the card, consisting of 16 digits, remark: IBAN is not a card number)
  • expiration date (choose month and year, data is on the front of the card)
  • CVV, ie control number (three numbers usually found on the back of the card). Some Maestro cards do not have a control number, in which case the verification number field may remain empty.
  • personal information (name, last name, email and phone number)


Once you click SPREMI I PLATI, the transaction will be executed and your card will remain saved for future ONE CLICK use.

3-D secure Check

Some banks may require additional verification (3-D secure verification) when first sending money by credit/debit card. After you enter card information and confirm payment, a new screen may open where you need to enter the password (key, token) which only you know.


Read our short user guide How does aircash works! And remember, with Aircash you can send and receive money, deposit to and withdraw from Aircash partner’s accounts (Hrvatska Lutrija, SuperSport) and also buy telecom vouchers and top up prepaid phone numbers (Simpa, bonbon).


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