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Když jde o peníze, opatrnosti není nikdy dost, takže u nás na vás žádné skryté poplatky nečíhají. Žádné skryté poplatky, žádné fígle.
Fees for using Aircash wallet
(applies to card payments /transfer from a bank account/ cash top-ups)
Depositing into your Aircash wallet is free of charge. Minimum deposit is 5 EUR, while the maxium is 700 EUR – if you are verified user.

If you are topping-up your Aircash wallet by bank transfer, the amount received and credited to your Aircash wallet may be reduced by bank charges and costs beyond Aircash's control. In case of return of unidentified bank payments without the valid Reference number, costs and fees can be deducted from the amount on return, up to 1,00 EUR for Euro transfers and up to 3,00 EUR for transfers in other currencies.
The sending fee is 1%. By sending 10 EUR from your wallet, the amount in the wallet will be reduced for 10,10 EUR. 10 EUR will be sent to recipient, and 0,10 EUR is the sending fee.
Withdraw to IBAN1%
Withdraw money from your Aircash wallet to your bank account.

The regular fee is 2%. The promo period lasts until 31.12.2024.
Withdraw cash at a PBZ ATM2%
Withdraw money from your Aircash wallet at any PBZ ATM in a second! No need for a bank account or bank card!
Withdrawing cash at a Point of Sale4%
Fee for withdrawing cash by Aircash at partner points of sale (Ina, Tifon, Tisak and iNovine and others)
Scan&Pay - Paying bills0,00 EUR
The fee for paying bills by scanning barcodes is fixed, regardless of the amount paid (in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria)
The regular fee is 0,46 €. The promo period lasts until 31.12.2024.
Aircash does not collect processing or top-up fees for payments on Partners' online accounts - however some partners may charge a fee, which cannot be controlled by Aircash.
Except for Croatian Lottery where the 4% fee applies
Conversion of electronic money issued by another issuer0%
The regular fee is 3%. Promo period will last until 31.7.2024.
Fees for using Aircash Mastercard
You can buy your Aircash Mastercard at the points of sale of Aircash partners or order it online

* The retail price of the Aircash Mastercard may vary depending on the point of sale/ recommended price of the card at the point of sale is 5,00 EUR
Fee for issuance (activation) of Aircash Mastercard0,00 EUR
Payment with Aircash Mastercard at points of sale (POS / Internet - Ecom)0%*
Paying with Aircash Mastercard card
(in the case of payment in a currency different from the card the conversion performed by Aircash takes place according to the applicable exchange rate)
*For payments on POS and Internet / ecom on merchant categorized in accordance with transcation processing industry standards in the category of games of chance (this includes any form of betting, gambling and casino merchants), including lottery games, 2% of the transaction volume fee applies2%
Aircash Mastercard maintenance0,00 EUR
(Monthly fee for Aircash Mastercard card)
Fee for withdrawing money by card at an ATM - EU
Romania: 7,50 lei + 2%
Croatia: 1,53 EUR + 2%
Greece: 0,00 EUR + 0% (free of Aircash charge) in the promotional period until 31.12.2024. Local ATM owner banks may impose charges for ATM use directly to customers.

1,50 EUR + 2%
Withdraw cash at an ATM - non EU
For Aircash cards issued in Romania the fee is 10,00 lei + 3%, and in Croatia 1,99 € + 3%
2,00 EUR + 3%