Depositing onto Aircash wallet is free of charge. Minimum ammount is 10 HRK and maximum amount is 2.000 HRK

By sending 100 HRK from your wallet, the amount on wallet will be reduced for 101 HRK (100 HRK will be sent to recipient, and 1 HRK is the fee for sending)

Marketplace fee for sending money to online accounts of Aircash partners depends on each partner's fee which is calculated by the partner.

Fee of withdrawal of the money from Aircash wallet is 4%. For example, on 50 HRK fee is 2 HRK, ie. amount on the wallet will be reduced for 52 HRK for withdrawal of 50 HRK

Withdrawal of money from the Aircash wallet is free of charge on every PBZ ATM until 1.1.2020 STILL ON!

3,50 kn
Fee for paying the bill by scanning the barcode with one click


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Read our short user guide how to become Aircash userdeposit to Aircash walletadd a new credit/debit card, withdraw moneysend money to family or friendsuse marketplace (SuperSport, Hrvatska Lutrija, HAC, PSK, Simpa, bonbon, A-bon, …)


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