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Using the Aircash App Securely

Your security is of the utmost importance to us. Aircash is making continuous and constant investments in improving system security and ensuring compliance with security standards and regulatory recommendations.

Find out how to use the Aircash App safely and correctly and how to protect yourself and your data on the Internet.

Protect your Aircash App access information
Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, do not store it on your mobile device, do not write it down or keep it with your mobile device. Hide your PIN from other people’s view when entering it. When choosing a PIN, do not use a PIN that is easy to determine (such as a name, date of birth, or an uninterrupted sequence of the same or consecutive numbers).

Do not give other people access to the Aircash App or the information required for access
Do not allow other people to use your Aircash App, and do not install the Aircash App on other people’s devices.

Pay special attention to text messages and e-mails

Do not respond to text messages, multimedia messages, and e-mails from unknown and untrustworthy senders, do not click on links and do not
download files contained within. Do not open or act on fraudulent electronic messages asking you to log in to the Aircash App or change your PIN, and do not under any circumstances send SMS access codes to the Aircash App to other people.
Do not open unsolicited electronic (e-mail) messages for which you are not sure who the sender is or if they have been flagged
as “spam”, and pay special attention to e-mails containing links or attachments.
Every e-mail from Aircash will be sent exclusively from the official e-mail address that ends with

Verification code

Prevent identity theft

Identity theft can happen via e-mail (phishing), phone call (vishing), or over mobile text messaging (smishing). Scammers will try to get you to share personal, financial, or security information with them. Therefore, do not open unsafe websites on your mobile device and do not leave personal information and e-mail addresses on suspicious websites.

Read more about it here.

Changing your mobile device

If you are no longer using your mobile device, we recommend resetting the device to factory settings to
delete the data that way. Download Aircash to your new device from an authorised store.


  • send the PIN to access the Aircash App to other people,
  • write your PIN in your mobile device or in other notes,
  • open unsafe websites using your mobile device,
  • leave personal information and e-mail addresses on untrustworthy websites,
  • download mobile apps from unknown and unverified sources.


  • if you lose your mobile phone or if it gets stolen,
  • if you notice any suspicious transactions on your Aircash account,
  • if you receive text messages, multimedia messages, and e-mails with suspicious content,
  • if you believe that other persons may have accessed your Aircash App