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Phishing/Smishing Messages Related to Sales on Online Classifieds

Lately, there has been a growing number of a new type of phishing/smishing messages aimed at people from Croatia who sell items through familiar online classifieds. With these messages, the sender pretending to be a buyer tries to deceive the recipient of the message and coax them to click on a fake link of one of the delivery companies that provide delivery services within the Republic of Croatia. These are mostly well-known delivery services, which deceives the recipient of the message and creates an impression of security.

How to identify this type of fraud?

  • The scammer wants to buy an item that you are selling on one of the online classifieds.

  • They inform the seller that they will pay the cost of postage and that the seller only needs to go to the link sent to them.

  • If you open the link, it will open one of the websites that imitate the appearance of the site of one of the delivery service providers

  • In one of the following steps, a “Confirm” button will be displayed, and if you click on it, a screen will open where you can select a bank or other financial institution such as Aircash (this is a phishing page that was created for all financial institutions in the Republic of Croatia).
  • The last step after choosing a bank is actually opening the phishing page itself, which is very similar to the official website of the financial institution.