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Forget about your wallet once you have Aircash.

You top up Aircash with cash and withdraw it at Tisak, Ina, Tifon or PBZ ATMs whenever. Aircash it to family or friends (they don’t need a bank account or a card). Pay bills, parking, ENC, mobile phone tokens, PlayStation and other entertainment with a single finger. Teleport cash wherever you want

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Aircash entered strategic partnerships with Tisak, Ina, Tifon and PBZ so your cash is always at hand through thousands of deposit and withdrawal locations, even where there are no ATMs. You can Aircash a bunch of services too, with a single finger. Tap, tap, done.

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We are dedicated to building a platform for fast and secure conversion of cash into Aircash and back, so your money is there when you need it, whoever needs it wherever – all without a bank account or a card.

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