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Does this sound familiar?


Are you afraid of data security breaches?

Do you only
have cash?

Do you want to control costs for the whole family?

Love to travel?

Sending and receiving money from abroad?

Easy to use

1 Buy
a card
For only 5€* , buy an Aircash Mastercard prepaid card via and at selected points of sale in Austria, Croatia, Germany and Slovenia!
2 Download the app
and activate
Activate it instantly through the Aircash app! Without monthly maintenance fee!
3 Instant
Deposit cash or pay with any card FREE of charge into your Aircash wallet and spend as much as you have!
4 Pay
Take up to 5 cards and control costs!
* Here you can find out the price of Aircash Mastercard in your country.

Activate your Aircash Mastercard card

Click on the card icon in the
upper right corner.

Click on
Activate the purchased card.

Scan the QR code from the back of the card and activate it instantly.

The balance in your Aircash wallet matches to the balance on your card and you can spend all the money you have in your Aircash wallet!

You can have more than one Aircash Mastercard prepaid card in your wallet and you can set spending limits for each one, and limit ATM payments or online purchases!

You can always top up your Aircash with cash or card payments and receive funds in Aircash.

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Information on how to submit complaints can be found here.

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