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Aircash features

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Super-app | For all kinds of payments

Super-app | For all kinds of payments

Unlock Your Financial Freedom with Aircash

Fast, Easy, and Secure Transactions!

Aircash Mastercard

Aircash Mastercard

Safe and private way to pay

Easy paperless login and verification via the Aircash app, no monthly fees and no bank account is required. Keep your personal info confidential – securely shop online with Aircash Mastercard prepaid card!

Aircash Deposit Money


Instant and free

Top up Aircash instantly with your bank card at any location in the EU / EEA countries. You can also use cash for direct top up on points of sale in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Romania, or take advantage of carrier conversion options for Abon for other locations in EU / EEA. Additionally, topping up from your bank account is available at all locations in the EU / EEA countries.

Aircash Send Money


Transfer Funds Between Aircash Users

Send money instantly from your Aircash to your friend’s or anyone’s Aircash, available at all locations. The recipient can withdraw cash at any ATM without a bank account, pay for goods using the Aircash Mastercard, or shop in the Aircash Marketplace.

Aircash Withdraw Money


Withdraw cash whenever you want

Use ATM withdrawal directly from Aircash app on PBZ ATM’s in Croatia, or make a cash withdrawal on points of sale in Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. You can also payout from your Aircash directly to your bank account IBAN issued in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Romania. Of course , you can access cash at any ATM worldwide with the Aircash Mastercard.

Aircash Marketplace


Pay from Aircash app with one tap

Scan&Pay Bill Payments are available in Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. AircashPay is available at all merchants featuring the AircashPay sign. Marketplace Payments are accessible at all locations, with merchant availability dependent on individual location.

* The above serves for informational purposes only and can be amended from time to time.