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Aircash app Aircash app

Pay bills without fees

How? Easy 🙂

Aircash app Aircash app


Pay your electricity, water, mobile, and other utility bills using the Scan and Pay option without fees.

You just scan the bill and pay it. The whole process takes just a few seconds and costs you nothing.

Continue to pay bills in the Aircash app without fees!

How to use Aircash?

How to use Aircash, Cashback

How to use Aircash?

1. Download the free Aircash app.

2. Register in a few clicks.

3. Top up your Aircash – you choose how.

Top up with any bank card or directly with cash using Aircash Abon.

Don’t worry, Aircash is completely secure, and your money is protected.

How to pay a bill using the Scan and Pay option?

1. On the home screen, click the “Scan and Pay” button.

2. Scan the QR code or 2D barcode on the bill.

3. Confirm the payment and that’s it.

Top up your Aircash wallet without FEES!

Add cash to your Aircash wallet or replenish it with any bank card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, JCB, Discover), without fees.

It only takes a few clicks, and the money is instantly available for paying bills, quickly and affordably sending money, or making online purchases using the Aircash Mastercard prepaid card.

Frequently asked question

The “Scan and Pay” option allows you to pay utility bills, make payments at merchants accepting Aircash payments, and send money to other Aircash users.

On the home screen, select “Scan and Pay,” scan the QR code on the bill, verify the scanned data, change the amount if necessary, and click “Pay.”

It is not possible to pay bills without a QR code using the Aircash application. The app only supports payments for bills with QR codes.

It is not possible to cancel a bill payment.

Yes, after making the payment, click on “Transactions” in the bottom left corner of the home screen, select the desired transaction, and download the confirmation by clicking “Download Payment Confirmation.”

During the promotional period, there is no fee for paying bills through the Aircash application. The regular fee is 0.46 EUR, and the promotional period lasts until xx.xx.2024.

The amount can be changed before confirming the payment, but other details cannot be modified.

Payments to the recipient are processed on the same day or by the end of the next working day, depending on when the transaction was initiated during the day.

Pay a bill with a minimum amount of 3 EUR using the “Scan and Pay” option, and you will immediately receive 1 EUR cashback to your Aircash wallet.

You can receive cashback up to 10 times during the promotional period.

To be eligible for cashback, the minimum bill amount must be 3 EUR.