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Travel this Easter
even faster and easier!

Travel with Aircash

Ferry, bus, parking, or ENC… Pay with one click in the Aircash app!

On the road or at sea
Avoid queues and crowds at cash registers, and traffic jams in the ferry port. Buy a bus or ferry ticket in a second and spend the rest of your time having coffee or taking a walk by the sea.

Top up your Electronic toll collection (ENC)
Top up your ENC for motorways or check balance with just one click. Drive carefully and have a good trip!

Parking with no extra cost
Pay for parking with Aircash, without any additional fee and without the cost of SMS messages. And don’t worry – we’ll detect a parking zone for you.

How to use Aircash for travel?

First, you have to top up your Aircash Wallet with the amount you want, completely FREE of charge.

Choose your existing card from which you want to transfer money to Aircash. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Diners, Discover, or JCB card.

Enter your card information in Aircash only once, and your card will be there ready for future use with just one click.

Aircash is simple!
With funds on your Aircash Wallet, you can pay for your tickets, parking or ENC in only few seconds, without entering time-consuming information.

Find out how simple it is

1. Download the free Aircash application on your mobile phone
Aircash is a completely free

2. Create your profile
It will only take you a few seconds to enter your personal information

3. Follow the simple instructions and verify your identity
This provides you the best experience using Aircash

Don’t worry, Aircash is completely safe and your money is protected.

Avoid queues and crowds at cash registers, all that you need pay with only one click