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Reward yourself and help friends
enjoy the benefits of Aircash!

Get EUR 30 for every 3 friends who join Aircash

Do you like Aircash? Have your friends enjoy our benefits as well! Invite friends who are not using Aircash: help them make their finances more manageable and make money in the process!

For every three friends who accept your invite, create and verify an Aircash profile, and transfer a minimum of 5 euros to their Aircash digital wallet, you will receive 30 euros in your Aircash account.

Want to know how you can get EUR 30? It’s yours in just three easy steps!

Select Menu in your Aircash app and click Invite Friends

Select people from your list of contacts who you would like to invite.

For the EUR 30 to arrive in your Aircash wallet, the invited people must download the app, create and verify an Aircash profile, and transfer at least 5 euros to their Aircash digital wallet.

In the section “On hold”, you will be able to see all your invited contacts and their status, while in the section “Earned”, you will see all contacts who accepted your invite, created a profile and transferred at least 5 euros.

You’ve got three? Congratulations! You’ve just earned 30 euros, courtesy of Aircash.

The promotion is valid till the stocks run out.