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The fastest way to get an e-vignette in as many as 7 European countries

The fastest way to get an e-vignette in as many as 7 European countries

Buy European e-vignettes via Aircash app!

No more waiting, buy an e-vignette in an instant while driving to the border!

From now on, you can buy an e-vignette in just a few clicks from within the Aircash App.

The e-vignette is available for seven countries: Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.

How to get an e-vignette?

Click on “Marketplace” and select Buy an e-vignette under the Transport category

Select the country for which you want to buy an e-vignette

Enter the vehicle registration and
and select validity period

Confirm and pay for
the selected e-vignette

You will receive two e-mails after completing the purchase – the first confirming the successful purchase of the e-vignette, and the second with the invoice.

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