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Send money

From all over the world to all over Croatia

Money can land in your Aircash from all over the world, but you can only withdraw cash in Croatia: at Tisak, INA, Tifon or PBZ ATM, without a bank account and card.
Send in a flash with a 1% fee
Send money from your Aircash to anyone’s Aircash in an instant. The recipient can withdraw cash at Tisak, INA, Tifon or PBZ ATM without a bank account or card, even use it to pay for services by Aircash.
Get cash the same day without charge
If someone sends you money, it arrives to your Aircash quickly, safely and free of charge. Instant cash.
Cash without ATM
Seconds from being sent your cash can be withdrawn, bills, ENC, parking paid with a single finger from Aircash. No waiting, checking your accounts, stressing. Tap-tap, done.