Simple, safe and instantaneous deposit of money onto Aircash Wallet.

Deposit of money onto Aircash wallet is done without any fees by visiting Aircash salespoints across Croatia or by just one click using Visa, Maestro and Mastercard credit/debit cards.

For depositing you will need to:

  • on home screen clik on „Uplata“
  • choose payment method (cash or card)
  • enter chosen amount you wish to deposit

For more details how to deposit and add a new credit/debit card click here.
If you wish to make cash deposit on any Aircash salespoint you need to click on „Uplati“ and you will receive barcode which is needed to be presented to a salesperson at a salespoint (Ina gas station and Tisak sales points). Salesperson will scan it and your money is deposited onto Aircash wallet.

Free of charge!

Download Aircash!

Read our short user guide how to become Aircash userdeposit to Aircash walletadd a new credit/debit card, withdraw moneysend money to family or friendsuse marketplace (SuperSport, Hrvatska Lutrija, HAC, PSK, Simpa, bonbon, A-bon, …)


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