aircash allows

  • FAST
  • SAFE

money transfer without banks and ATMs!


aircash is a best choice for

  • teens
  • students
  • tourists
  • and just about anyone whether
    • you’re having a night on the town
    • traveling
    • or find yourself in a bind

How aircash works?

aircash enables quick and simple money transfers between users, without a need for bank accounts or credit cards. People use aircash mobile app as ID to make payments, while cash deposits and withdrawals are made at retail point of sales as gas stations and convenience stores. Payments are settled promptly and  the service is available 24/7 on more than 430 locations in Croatia. For users, the whole process is as easy and simple as texting. They just need to enter receiver phone number and amount in mobile app and make a payment at the nearest POS. A receiver does same in few seconds.

Aircash payment platform is a regulated payment service managed by the authorized EU Payment  Institution. Payment compliance and anti-money laundering risks are managed by complex back-end ICT platform, while all transactions are secured by modern protocols and procedures.

Why use aircash?

Because aircash is ...


with the lowest fees on the market


aircash is always there when you need it

Always around

On more than 400 retail places throughout Croatia


Send/receive money safely


Where you are

It helped John

Let it help you too!

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